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Ransei Project Demo is Now Available!

The upcoming 'Ransei Project' has now got a playable demo! You can get it from here:

To run the demo, you'll need the RMVXA RTP files, so if you haven't already got them, you can get that here: Make sure to get the one labeled VX Ace.


The official website for Ransei Project will be going up in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!


As mentioned on our Facebook fan page earlier this week, the demo for ETERNIA2 is now available for download!

Head on over to the main E2 website and hit the Downloads page to get it.



New Game Announcement: 'ETERNIA 2'

The sequel to Sun Moon Games' debut title from 2011 is on its way! 'ETERNIA 2' is currently under development using the brand new RPG Maker VX Ace engine.


ETERNIA 2 takes place fourteen years after the original game, and the continent isn't as peaceful as one would hope. A year before the game, Eternia's populace was split over whether Lumina or Umbra should be worshipped. Unable to come to a decision, the Umbra supporters lashed out, and it slowly built up into a full blown war.

Lumina's supporters became the nation 'Akari', while Umbra's followers took the name 'Srilcia'.

Now, Srilcia is slowly winning the war, and taking most of Eternia's cities. Only Everasca remains solely Akari-orientated. And thats where our story starts.

With brand new characters, and a return to an old world, ETERNIA 2 will boast a massive game experience with multiple questlines, new features, and loads upon loads of content.


ETERNIA 2 currently does not have a projected release date, however keep an eye on the official website for when its announced.



Now if you access while on an iOS device, Android device, or Blackberry device...

You'll get to this! This is our new Mobile Website. It's got some more updating to be done, but right now it's pretty good. There's a nice Games section, and links straight to our email and Facebook page.

New Game Announcement: 'Ransei Project'

Sun Moon Games is pleased to announce a brand new RPG for PC's - 'Ransei Project'
The Ransei Empire is an island nation that rejects the Magic embraced by the rest of the world. The Scissor Squad is a low ranking squadron of the Empire, fighting against the Mages rebelling against the Empire.
Ransei Project is being created by Aaron 'Kanon' Stonard, of Carlito and Moji Haikei fame. Keep an eye out for more details over the coming weeks, including a website launch.

Download Links slowly recovering, ETERNIA available.

Well, as you probably know, Megaupload died ;_;

Because of that, all of our games were lost to the dark void that is the internets.


However, we're working on the recovery!

So far, ETERNIA is back up. Unfortunently, only the Time Charge Version is available. It's too much of a hassle to go set it up for Turn Based manually again, so most likely it won't happen.

Soon-ish, you'll be able to get Carlito and RoFF again.

Please be patient in the mean time!

Sun Moon Games Newsblog Launched!

Well, it took long enough, but here it is!

The Sun Moon Games Newsblog is the site where we will be posting our actual news updates, kind of like the old website.

Every article posted will be linked to from the Main Website's new Newsfeed section.


Simple enough, so I won't elaborate anymore~

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